Coaxial load 2.5 kW DC-860 MHz 1 5/8" EIA


RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:
Interface type:
1 5/8" EIA (50 Ω) per IEC 60339-2
Interface direction:
Frequency range:
DC to 860 MHz
Average power rating:
2500 W
Proof voltage rating:
25000 V
VSWR, max.:
1.11 @ DC to 860 MHz

Electrical characteristics

Mains connection:
male power socket, chassis type with fuse, according to IEC 60320-1 (C14)
Mains voltage:
230 V
Mains voltage tolerance:
± 10 %
Mains AC frequency:
50 to 60 Hz
Mains connection system:
L, N, PE
Power consumption, approx.:
140 W
Mains fuses:
F1 / F2 2AT, according to IEC 60127-2, (two-pole, L and N)
Mains switch:
disconnects mains single-pole and interlock loop single-pole
Interlock connection:
two-pole connector with screwlocking according to IEC 60130-9, Co. Binder, series 581/680/682, TYP 09-0303-00-02
Interlock voltage:
≥ 42.4 V ACpk
≥ 60 V DC
Interlock voltage remark:
SELV circuits according to IEC EN 60950-1
loop voltage and to grounded housing
SELV current source only
Interlock fuses:
The circuit must be externally limited to 1 A

Mechanical characteristics

Noise level, approx.:
70 dB (A) at 1 m distance
forced air
Forced air cooling:
IP protection level:
IP 20
Weight, approx.:
43.0 kg

Environmental conditions

Operating position:
upright (as shown on the data sheet)
Operational environment:
operating sites with limited access, indoor only
Operating temperature:
-15 to +45 °C
Relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)
Storage ambient temperature:
-30 to +85 °C
Storage relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
mains cable connector, interlock cable connector, product manual



Safety data sheet – 534287 – Berylliumoxideceramics – SPINNER_BerylliumOxideCeramics.pdf


Product data sheet – 534287 – 534287-DS.pdf


Product manual – 534287 – M36065.pdf