Key Visual SPINNER mmWave to Coax

mmWave-to-Coaxial Adapters: Testing Faster!

Up-to-date measurement equipment is essential for all development and testing lab environments, production and quality control departments that deal with RF signals on coaxial lines. Particularly for vector network analyzers (VNA), high-precision connectors, terminations and adapters are a must.

SPINNER has developed new millimeter-wave-to-coaxial adapters for the V, E and W bands (50 GHz – 110 GHz) fulfilling extremely high standards. With this complete portfolio we are providing our customers products for many applications like automotive and industrial radar sensors testing, satcom implementations and the new recommended 5G mmWave frequency bands. Different variants combining the waveguide interfaces WR10, WR12 and WR15 with coaxial connectors 1.0 mm and 1.35 mm are available. Guaranteed ultralow losses, the right interface ready to hand and the possibility to directly connect to millimeter wave VNAs makes these adapters so convenient.

Overview of mmWave to coax adapters