4.3-10 Connectors from SPINNER

The 4.3-10 connector system was designed to meet the latest requirements in terms of size, robustness, performance, and other parameters in high performance radio frequency transmission. Its small footprint supports the use of smaller components, mitigates risks if equipment is assembled without due care, and delivers outstanding electrical performance. 4.3-10 coaxial connectors provide an excellent and robust interface design that exhibits superb PIM values.

SPINNER connectors are available for many common cable types, for example, air dielectric cable, LF and SF corrugated cables, radiating cables, coaxial rigid lines, rectangular or elliptical waveguides.

SPINNER connectors are available with three different locking mechanisms: screwhand-screw and push-pull.

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SPINNER 4.3-10 MultiFit connectors

4.3-10 MultiFit connector

Our SPINNER MultiFit® connectors are the most versatile of our range. They can be quickly (in less than 2 minutes) and securely installed on any commercially available cable type in two simple steps.

SPINNER 4.3-10 CAF connectors

4.3-10 CAF connector

SPINNER CAF® cable clamps are quick and easy to attach in a single step and provide very effective protection against moisture and soiling. For extremely harsh environmental conditions CAF® Plast2000 connectors are available.

SPINNER 4.3-10 connectors

4.3-10 connector

SPINNER offers a large portfolio of MultiFit® connectors, with CAF® cable clamps and soldered, clamped or crimp connectors, right angle, bulkhead and panel mounting for a wide variety of requirements and applications.

SPINNER has developed special cable clamps for a vast range of uses

SPINNER connectors have been setting standards in the industry for decades. Over the years, we have also developed special cable clamps for a vast range of uses. What they all share is outstanding mechanical and electrical performance to ensure an optimal connection between the connector and cable.

All cable clamps differ only in how they are installed and sealed and the degree of flexibility they offer for attachment to different kinds of cables.

SPINNER CAF® Plast2000 connectors are available for LF cables with annular corrugated copper outer conductor. In this model, the cable clamp is completely filled by injecting SPINNER Plast2000 sealing compound to rule out any chance of moisture, sand etc. penetrating into the connector. This reliably prevents internal corrosion and ensures superb electrical and mechanical performance for decades.

SPINNER CAF® cable clamps are quick and easy to attach in a single step. For helical corrugated SF cables, it is only necessary to securely screw the SPINNER CAF® connector onto the prepared cable end along with its specially shaped profile gasket for best results. For annular corrugated LF cables, before attached the SPINNER CAF® connector an O-ring is pushed onto the outer conductor to create an airtight seal. Then the connector is slid onto it and screwed home.

SPINNER MultiFit® connectors come with two different sealing system versions. For helical corrugated SF cables, sealing is accomplished by a specially shaped profile gasket that is screwed onto the outer conductor first. Then the back-nut is screwed onto the profile gasket. For annular corrugated LF cables, first an O-ring is pushed onto the outer conductor to seal it. Then the SPINNER MultiFit® connector is pushed on top of it and locked onto the outer conductor.

SPINNER offers a large portfolio of 4.3-10 high-frequency components

As one of the developers of the 4.3-10 standard, SPINNER offers many other products in the 4.3-10 portfolio in addition to connectors: adapters, prefabricated coaxial cables (jumper), combining units, filters, splitters, tapers, directional coupler, loads, attenuators, and much more. In this way, in-building projects or mobile site installations can be equipped with components consistently harmonized with each other.

Its compactness compared to conventional connector systems and its low coupling torque make it superior. In older connector systems, the electrical and mechanical reference planes are identical. The 4.3-10 standard separates them, thus significantly reducing the required coupling torque and ensuring more reliable contact. This separation also makes the system less susceptible to faults.

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