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OSLT compact calibration kit (4-in-1) N female (75 Ω)


RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:
Interface type:
N female (75 Ω) per IEC 61169-16
Interface direction:
Frequency range:
DC to 3 GHz
Power rating, max. LOAD:
500.0 mW
Return loss, min. THROUGH:
34 dB @ DC to 3 GHz
Return loss, min. LOAD:
36 dB @ DC to 3 GHz
Insertion loss, max. THROUGH:
0.05 dB @ DC to 3 GHz
Phase deviation, max. OPEN:
2 ° @ DC to 3 GHz
Phase deviation, max. SHORT:
1.5 ° @ DC to 3 GHz
DC-resistance LOAD:
75 Ω (±0.75 Ω)

Mechanical characteristics

Inner conductor:
CuBe age hardened, copper-alloy / gold-plated
Outer conductor material / surface:
copper-alloy / CuSnZn-plated
Other metal parts material / surface:
copper-alloy / CuSnZn-plated
aluminum / anodized (yellow)
cross linked polystyrene, PTFE
Weight, approx.:
250.0 g
laser engraving

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature:
-10 to +55 °C
Storage ambient temperature:
-40 to +70 °C (according to EN 60068-2-1 and EN 60068-2-2)

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
calibration certificate, protective caps, protective bag, data sheet, handling instructions

Further remarks

The environmental protection use period of 75 years is valid, if the product is used as intended.



Product data sheet – 533857R000 – 533857-DS.pdf


Handling instructions – 533857R000 – M36081.pdf