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Precision load 0.5 W DC-7.5 GHz 7-16 male


SPINNER loads offer outstanding electrical and mechanical properties

The modular SPINNER system for loads offers you great flexibility in the selection of your components. It allows you to configure power, frequency range and connectors according to your individual requirements. The advantages are obvious: cost savings through standardization and reliable technical quality.

The Precision load 0.5 W DC-7.5 GHz 7-16 male is placed to the end of the signal path and thus guarantees the correct impedance termination. This reduces disturbing reflections and ensures the maximum performance and quality of the overall system. You can individually combine your attenuator and adapt it to the requirements of your local installation.

One application area of the SPINNER Precision load 0.5 W DC-7.5 GHz 7-16 male is in measurement environments. It is characterized by its excellent IM properties and optimized electrical and mechanical tolerances.

Outstanding RF characteristics, best possible passive intermodulation and VSWR

The load enables you to transmit high-frequency signals reliably and flawlessly with optimum protection of your sensitive equipment in a power range up to 0.5 W.

The load offers an interface 7-16 male.

SPINNER loads can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Only in a few cases a certain orientation is required for a product and therefore explicitly stated in our product data sheets.

The Precision load 0.5 W DC-7.5 GHz 7-16 male is cooled passively by convection i.e. the heat dissipation via the cooling fins. Due to the flexible mounting options, optimum air circulation and thus cooling can be achieved.

The 7-16 connector has become the most widely used coaxial connection system for mobile communication systems, due to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties. In order to achieve the industry leading intermodulation performance SPINNER applies silver-plating on all inner and outer conductor parts of the standard connector. As a supporting measure, we use exclusively non-magnetic materials, and we have minimized the number of RF contact points. The connection is especially suited for transmitting medium or high power indoors and outdoors.

RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:
Interface type:
7-16 male (50 Ω) per IEC 61169-4
Interface direction:
Frequency range:
DC to 7.5 GHz
Average power rating:
0.5 W
Return loss min.:
44 dB @ DC to 7.5 GHz
50 Ω ±0.5 Ω

Mechanical characteristics

Inner conductor:
CuBe age hardened / gold-plated
Outer conductor material / surface:
copper-alloy / gold-plated
Other metal parts material / surface:
copper-alloy / gold-plated
copper-alloy / nickel-plated
cross linked polystyrene
Weight, approx.:
200.0 g
laser engraving

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature:
+18 to +28 °C
Storage ambient temperature:
-40 to +70 °C
Storage relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
calibration certificate, handling instructions

Further remarks

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Product data sheet – 533733R000 – 533733-DS.pdf


Handling instructions – 533733R000 – M36081.pdf