Mobile Network Combining System - MNCS®

SPINNER products have already been installed in thousands of in-building projects worldwide: they reliably and cost-effectively perform at airports, in shopping malls, on exhibition grounds, in office and governmental buildings, and in hotels and stadiums.

Many projects make it necessary to combine multiple mobile communication frequencies of the same or different operators at a single point of interconnection (POI). If individual frequencies also need to be optimally isolated (> 50 dB) to reduce mutual interference, our MNCS® is the ideal solution. It is flexibly configured to meet your requirements and supplied ready-to-use.

The MNCS® is 100% passive and maintenance-free. This not only greatly reduces the operating costs of in-building solutions but also avoids costs because of later cancellations. It is modular in design, making it extremely versatile and easy to extend at any time.

The components used in our MNCS® components are characterized by high signal isolation, low attenuation, and low intermodulation (low PIM). This ensures problem-free operation and maximum utilization of available bandwidths. Further advantages over traditional systems include:

  • compact design with 19" technology
  • short shutdown time for installation
  • pre-assembled and tested equipment
  • cost-efficient, since no expensive active components are used

To customize the mobile network combining system according to your specifications online please contact our sales team with the specification needed per email or select the displayed components for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.