Terminations for measurement and transmission lines

Today any development, production, test or quality assurance department that works with RF signals on coaxial lines cannot do without up-to-date measuring equipment.

Especially, when vector network analysers (VNA) are used, high-precision connectors, terminations and adapters are indispensable. The same applies to calibration kits and mechanical accessories such as gauges for checking the mating face dimensions or torque wrenches for tightening coupling nuts. In manufacturing such components SPINNER has reached a level of precision which sets new standards which many users would not want to be without.

Vector network analyzers are often used in high frequency technology to determine the characteristics of RF and microwave devices. The components of a VNA as well as the test assembly connected to the instrument have their own frequency and phase responses. This may cause false readings.

System errors can be adjusted by calibration of the VNA. During the calibration procedure, different calibration standards with defined and known electrical characteristics are connected to a VNA. These values and the measured values are compared to identify error coefficients. In a system error correction procedure, the VNA adjusts the measured data of the Device Under Test (DUT) by the error coefficients. Thus, the measurement accuracy increases.

The calibration of a VNA can be done in different ways depending on the required measurement accuracy. The calibration methods differ both in the number and form of the calibration standards used for the procedure.

The most commonly used calibration method is OSL (Open, Short, Load) for 1-port measurements and OSLT (Open, Short, Load, Through) for multiple port measurements. The names OSL and OSLT for the calibration methods can vary with other manufacturers. For these two calibration methods SPINNER offers an appropriate selection of calibration equipment ranging from the high-precision calibration kit for laboratory use to the compact designed calibration combinations for field use. Kits are available with 4.3-10, 7-16, N, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm.

SPINNER also offers a broad line of coaxial measurement equipment with excellent electrical and mechanical performance for use in laboratory and production environments at frequencies up to 67 GHz.

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