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19" front panel with 4 parking sockets for 29.5-68 USL-D


SPINNER patch panels for highest reliability

Patch panels are used for routing transmitter signals to single, half, backup antennas, or dummy loads or for bypassing intermediate systems such as combiners or splitters. They allow for the quick and flexible connection, re-routing, or disconnection of different signal paths. Critical features include

  • precise and performant interfaces and components for high signal integrity,
  • robust construction protecting the components from physical damage and electromagnetic interference and
  • clear labeling for easy identification.

The 19" front panel with 4 parking sockets for 29.5-68 USL-D ensures optimal performance for signal transmission between transmitter and antenna in broadcast stations.


SPINNER patch panels are the most reliable of their kind available on the market. They include micro-strip contacts to guarantee a perfect connection even after repeated operations. They are easy to handle and do not need any extra tools for installation.

The switchover can be carried out with motor switches or manually with U-links. All patch panels have an interlock system that switches off the transmitter during the switchover.

All input / output connectors are ending horizontal with EIA flange system behind the front panel.

The systems connected to the patch panel can be measured easily, quickly and precisely using measuring adapters.

RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:
Interface type:
29.5-68 USL-D (50 Ω) per company standard 61774
Interface direction:

Mechanical characteristics

Dimensions remark:



Product data sheet – 554344 – CB-L-140-DS.pdf