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              Antenna Monitoring System - AMS

              All over the world radio and television broadcasters rely on their transmission systems operating unfailing around the clock, including patch panels, feeder cables and dipoles. The infrastructure itself is generally robust, but in the long run can be damaged and disturbed sustainable through RF overloads, incorrect installation or environmental influences (e.g.: UV radiation, ice, strong wind).

              SPINNERs Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) was developed to detect and pinpoint potential malfunction sources, like minimal arcing, compromised insulation or water ingress as early as possible. Thus, the whole broadcast transmission system can be prevented from greater damages, for example degraded RF-components, fire or even a complete off-air situation. All conspicuous events are continuously and reliable recorded in the AMS control unit and can be checked from anywhere via a user-friendly web interface, which also can be used to easily configurate the AMS system setup. A detected failure triggers an alarm both locally on warning LEDs and remotely via a SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) interface.

              All AMS system components are engineered for indoor installation and can be integrated simple and fast, even in already existing broadcast sites. SPINNER offers two different mounting forms for the frequency bands FM (Band 2), VHF (Band 3) and UHF (Band 4 & 5):

              • AMS detector in U-links: fast & easy mounting on any SPINNER patch panel
              • AMS Rigid Line Sections: insertion anywhere in any rigid line system for greatest flexibility

              SPINNERs Antenna Monitoring System helps prevent damage, reduce maintenance costs and safeguard your investment.

              SPINNER RF components meet highest standards

              SPINNER applies extremely high standards with regard to quality, engineering, materials and manufacturing e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management, DIN EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management and ISO 50001:2011 - Energy Management. This enables us to offer AMS components with the best possible performance while ensuring optimized installation and failure-free operation, even under the harshest environmental conditions.

              If you can’t find your component according to your specifications online, please contact our sales team with the specification needed per email or select one of the displayed products for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.