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                RF products for FM broadcast stations

                Profit from more than 70 years of experience in developing and building complex broadcast systems that work between the transmitter and the antenna for FM broadcast sites. The coaxial broadcast components offer optimal electrical, mechanical and RF characteristics for distributing or combining the signals from one or several transmitters to one or several antennas.

                • Combiners make it possible to connect multiple transmitters to a single shared output, providing an efficient solution. Constant Impedance Balanced (CIB) Combiner, Manifold and Starpoint Combiner from SPINNER have a compact footprint, can be tuned across the entire FM range and feature high RF performance.
                • RF switches for FM broadcast stations are available with two different drive types (impulse solenoid or motor drive) and include a knob for emergency manual operation. Their RF ratings range from a few watts to several hundred kilowatts, and they are available for coaxial cable sizes from N to 6 1/8" EIA.
                • Our 2-way switches are preferred for systems that must be highly reliable. They are equipped with signal contacts for monitoring and control purposes and with interlock contacts that can be integrated into four potential free safety loops. They feature extremely compact dimensions, exceptional dependability and the shortest known switching times and highest isolation available in the market.
                • All our rigid line components for FM broadcast feature low insertion loss, low VSWR and PTFE insulation, EIA and SMS interfaces.
                • All adaptors can be used indoors or outdoors at full power. We provide transitions from all EIA flanges to 7-16 female with excellent matching (VSWR ≤ 1.02).
                • Connectors comply with international standards and are famous for their outstanding RF performance and reliability. They are available for N, 4.3-10, 7-16, 7/8" EIA, 1 5/8" EIA, 3 1/8" EIA, 4 1/2" EIA (339 IEC 50-105) and 6 1/8" EIA interfaces.
                • Measurement accessories for facilitating measurement and maintenance work.
                • Direct Access Units for testing or adjusting antennas without removing the connected feeders, with accurate measurement of VSWR and electrical lengths via galvanic contacts.
                • Loads used as balancing loads for isolated ports or as dummy loads for testing purposes with a comprehensive range of loads from 1 W up to 50 KW.
                • Standard Patch panels with 3, 4 and 6 ports (half-antenna patch panels with power splitters) for all sizes (7/16 to 6 1/8") are available. Switching can be performed by motorized plug-in switches or manually with U-links. All patch panels have an interlock system that briefly switches off the transmitter during the switchover.

                If you only have a vague concept, a concrete idea or a detailed block diagram, contact our engineers to get your FM broadcast solution ready.