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                Smart RF Solutions for DAB Stations

                Profit from more than 70 years of experience in developing and building complex broadcast systems that work between the transmitter and the antenna. Get customized or even individually engineered broadcast systems for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

                The coaxial broadcast components for DAB broadcast stations offer optimal electrical, mechanical and RF characteristics for distributing or combining the signals from one or several transmitters to one or several antennas.

                • Different types of combiners such as starpoint combiners, manifold combiners, stretchpoint combiners and CIB combiners (Constant Impedance Broadband) are available. Combination with bandpass filters and couplers achieve good isolation, broadband matching and easy modification. Multichannel Combiners are available for multiple transmitters to broadcast via a shared antenna.
                • Loads from 1W up to 50kW. For high power absorption and dissipation, our loads feature fan cooling for 5kW and liquid cooling for 10kW and above. The liquid cooling loads are smart loads with the automatic switching of the liquid circuit.
                • RF switches for DAB sites with lifting magnet drive, impulse solenoid drive or motor drive plus precision engineering achieve very quick switching times from 25 ms to approximately one second. A plug-in version that can be installed on patch panels where alternative operation with U-links is possible is available for sizes from 1 5/8” EIA and bellow 4 1/2” EIA.
                • Filters from 100W up to 16kW working together with all major transmitter manufacturers.
                • Rigid line components for DAB feature low insertion loss, low VSWR and PTFE insulation, EIA and SMS interfaces.
                • All adaptors can be used indoors or outdoors at full power. We provide transitions from all EIA flanges to 7-16 female with excellent matching (VSWR ≤ 1.02).
                • DAB Connectors comply with international standards and are famous for their outstanding RF performance and reliability. They are available for N, 4.3-10, 7-16, 7/8" EIA, 1 5/8" EIA, 3 1/8" EIA, 4 1/2" EIA (339 IEC 50-105) and 6 1/8" EIA interfaces.
                • Measurement accessories for facilitating measurement and maintenance work.

                Get your DAB solution for Low- and Medium-Power Combiners and Compact Combining and Switching Systems for 1 kW to 80 kW. Even if you only have a vague concept, a concrete idea or a detailed block diagram, contact our engineers to get your solution ready.