Power Splitters

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    Interface size

      Power rating max.

        Frequency min.

          Frequency max.

            Power Splitters for wide frequency ranges

            SPINNER offers its customers components with an extremely wide frequency range that allow you to use a common distribution system for all mobile communication applications in the frequency band between 330 and 3800 MHz – TETRA, GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS, WLAN, WiMAX and LTE.

            Symmetric splitters split up the incoming signal in two or more identical shares.

            These SPINNER signal distributing products excel with compact design, wide bandwidths and low intermodulation (low PIM). They require no maintenance and their dependability is unsurpassed.

            If you can’t find your power splitter according to your specifications online, please contact our sales team with the specification needed per email or select one of the displayed power splitters for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.