Single Channel Coaxial Rotary Joints

In a variety of aerospace, maritime, industrial and automotive applications – in communication and radar systems, SPINNER's highly reliable single channel coax rotary joints are part of the solution. Several SatCom terminals and other mobile tracking platforms have already been equipped with our low form factor designs. A standard single channel rotary joint operates in a frequency range from DC up to 92 GHz.

We distinguish basically between contacting and non-contacting designs:

In case of contacting single channel rotary joints, the inner and outer conductor of stator and rotor are DC coupled. These rotary joints are used for broadband applications. If a coaxial structure is used, the cut-off frequency depends on the diameter of the coaxial line.

In case of non-contacting 1 channel rotary joints, radio frequency signals can be transmitted via axial or radial coupling structures. Non-contacting rotating solutions have an excellent lifetime and RF performance for narrow band transmission.

On customer request, a single channel coaxial rotary joint can be combined excellently with slip rings for additional low frequency data or power transmission, as well as with Fast Ethernet modules and other transmission modules


SPINNER RF components meet highest standards

SPINNER applies extremely high standards regarding quality, engineering, materials, and manufacturing e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management, DIN EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management and ISO 50001:2011 - Energy Management. This enables us to offer accessories with the best possible performance, even under the harshest environmental conditions.

If you can’t find your rotary joint according to your specifications online, please contact our sales team by email with the specification needed or select one of the displayed products for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.