Data Transmission during Camera Shooting, Recording, Transmission of Events or on Film Sets

In today's high-tech world, a wide range of data is transmitted at events, venues or entertainment locations, e.g. in sport, music and film, art and culture both at local, regional or national level and at major global events – Soccer World Cups, Olympic Games, political summits or concerts.

Data transmission at such venues and leisure facilities includes, for example:

  • Live TV footage or TV recording, video streaming, production of movies with mobile camera and microphone systems with gimbals on suspended rope cameras, camera cranes and trolleys or on remote-controlled drones.
  • The operation of revolving stages, i.e. a fixed, circular and rotatable surface in the stage floor, requires signal or data transmission between motors, sensors, cameras, monitors, microphones, loudspeakers or lighting elements and their connected control or transmission systems.
  • Safety devices with sensors and components to be controlled in moving and rotating elements in amusement rides.

Special challenges are the interruption-free, reliable transmission of signals with high data rates in real time. In addition, very limited space and harsh environmental conditions with rain and humidity, heat or cold must often be taken into account.

The very high data rates may require the use of fiber-based transmission systems. For this reason, SPINNER has developed fiber optic rotary couplings that specifically meet the requirements for such signal and data transmissions.

Non-contact transmission is powerful, reliable, maintenance-free and durable

Since pitch slip ring systems are not capable of transmitting signals with high data rates in a long-term stable manner without interruptions, SPINNER has also developed data transmitters for rotating systems which can transmit Ethernet data reliably and maintenance-free without contact up to 1 Gbit/s.