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                          SPINNER filter portfolio - bandstop, bandpass, high-pass and low-pass filters

                          SPINNER filters are used world-wide in the infrastructure of mobile communication and broadcasting systems. Our products do not only meet the required electrical parameters, but they clearly exceed our customers' expectations.

                          To meet the growing demand for frequency bands in telecommunications, filters are being packed closer and closer together. This has undesirable side-effects, including mutual interference and other problems that can reduce system performance and even cause dropped calls. It is especially critical when closely adjoining bands are sent or received at the same locations.

                          To help solve these problems, SPINNER supplies a wide range of appropriate bandstop, bandpass, high-pass and low-pass filters. These products boast extremely low attenuation in the pass band, high attenuation of all other frequencies and extremely steep flanks. This maximizes the available bandwidth while generating the greatest possible return on investments.

                          SPINNER offers uplink/downlink filters, which consist of a parallel circuit each with one band pass filter for the reception and transmission signal. In comparison to a single band pass filter, UL/DL filters offer the advantage of also eliminating signals which are between the transmitted and received band. Furthermore, the lower bandwidth means that a significantly larger edge steepness is possible which in turn leads to higher isolation values.

                          The advantage compared to band stop filters is the significantly wider band suppression of interference signals, meaning that even frequencies far from the pass band can reliably be eliminated.

                          As with all SPINNER filters, the Uplink/Downlink Filter are designed for minimum insertion loss and highest edge steepness. Furthermore, the filters are adjustable in the complete frequency band (CDMA850/GSM900 and GSM1800/UMTS) with a bandwidth of approx. 5 MHz to 20 MHz and can therefore be individually tuned to your requirements.

                          Depending on requirements, there is a selection of 4, 6 and 8 cavity filter types available. All UL/DL filters are available in both indoor installation and outdoor installation models.

                          Their compact design means that they have a low weight and wind load which are the key advantages when being used e.g. on a mobile site.

                          If you can’t find your filter according to your specifications online, please contact our sales team with the specification needed per email or select one of the displayed rf filters for a Quote Request and add your special requirements in the comment field of the form before submitting.