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                  Connectors from SPINNER

                  SPINNER rf connectors have set standards. Our extensive portfolio - from coaxial connector systems for foam- or air-insulated cables in corrugated tubes to elliptical waveguides – has been successfully used for decades in a wide range of technologies and industries above all mobile communication, broadcast, measurement systems, and radar.

                  Connectors for cable types, entry types, interface size, mounting type not listed are available upon request. Please contact our sales team for further information. 

                  High performance connectors

                  SPINNER rf connectors are best-in-class in terms of quality and performance. Our connectors are designed for the lowest possible reflection factors, special precision connector types for test & measurement solutions are also available. The excellent electrical and mechanical properties, the ease of installation, and the dependability rank any SPINNER connector among the most efficient and cost-effective connectors available in the market.

                  The miniaturization trend, higher frequencies and more compact devices are calling for ever-smaller connectors. With the market introduction of 2.2-5 and NEX10® SPINNER launched two systems that precisely meet these challenges.

                  The 4.3-10 connector system was designed to meet the latest requirements in mobile communication in terms of size, robustness, performance, and other parameters. Its small footprint supports the use of smaller components, mitigates risks if equipment is assembled without due care, and delivers outstanding electrical performance.

                  The 7-16 connector has become the most widely used coaxial connection system for mobile communication systems, due to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

                  Type N connectors can be used at frequencies up to 11 GHz, high-precision types up to 18 GHz. It is typically used in mobile communication applications with demanding mechanical and electrical requirements.

                  The innovative SPINNER MultiFit connector line for SPINNERFlex cable is compatible with most commercially available corrugated cables. Excessive storage costs and installation errors caused by multiple complex fitting variations are thus a matter of the past.