Trimming Tools

Cable compatibility

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    14 Items

    Trimming tools for low assembly time and constant quality

    SPINNER’s trimming tools (or cutting tools) save assembly time and ensure constant assembly quality.

    While assembling a connector you can strip, flare, and deburr the coaxial cable with just one trimming tool. In this way you can cut more than 60% of your assembly time in comparison to using conventional tools. Furthermore using these tools provides consistent high quality. We also offer the right spare blades for your trimming tool in the category spare parts.

    The use of SPINNER trimming tools helps you to reduce installation costs significantly and ensures constant installation quality as well as optimal RF performances at the same time.

    SPINNER applies extremely high standards with regard to quality, engineering, materials, and manufacturing. This enables us to offer tools with the best possible performance while ensuring optimized installation and failure-free operation, under even the harshest conditions.