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Coaxial cable SpinnerFlex® LF 1 5/8"-50-CPR


Koaxialkabel SpinnerFlex® LF 1 5/8"-50-CPR for the best connection, easy installation and long lifetime

In close co-operation with the world's leading cable manufacturers SPINNER is able to offer a broad range of SPINNERFlex™ corrugated copper coax cables. The corrugated copper outer conductor and a cable jacket made of UV-resistant, halogen-free HDPE guarantee superior shielding performance and high mechanical strength in a cable with a small bending radius.

Seriflex cables, on the other hand, are manufactured with completely lead-free tinned copper braiding as the outer conductor. This choice of material allows the cable to be bent in any shape without affecting the HF properties.

SpinnerFlex® - optimum signal transmission between base stations and antennas

SpinnerFlex® coaxial cables are the ideal solution for radio frequency signal transmission between base stations and antennas. They offer a high level of quality in terms of design, material selection and manufacturing and ensure the best possible connections, easy installation and long-lasting, fault-free operation, even in very harsh environmental conditions.

The SPINNERFlex™ cables have an insulation layer of low-attenuation PE foam with a closed cell structure to effectively prevent water ingress. Thus they offer the user everything that really counts in mobile communication networks: loss-free and noise-free transmission of RF signals from the transmitter station to the antenna and excellent VSWR, attenuation and intermodulation parameters.

SPINNER coaxial cables are supplied coiled on a cable drum. The length of the cable varies between 350 and 500 metres depending on the chosen product.

  • SPINNER coaxial cables also comply with the RoHS 2002/95 directives.
  • The peak power rating is 54.3 kW.
  • The shielding effectiveness is >> 120 dB.

In summer 2017, the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) was extended to include cables. Since then, only CPR-compliant cables may be used for in-building construction projects. For this reason, SPINNER offers cables with the CPR classification Dca-s1,d2.

RF characteristics

Frequency range:
DC to 2.8 GHz
Cut-off frequency:
2.8 GHz
Average power rating:
54.3 kW @ 10 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
15.7 kW @ 108 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
12.1 kW @ 174 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
6.62 kW @ 512 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
5.03 kW @ 824 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
4.81 kW @ 894 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
4.69 kW @ 925 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
4.61 kW @ 960 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
3.15 kW @ 1880 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
2.75 kW @ 2200 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
2.54 kW @ 2500 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
2.38 kW @ 2700 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
2.34 kW @ 2800 MHz (at 40 °C ambient temperature)
Peak power rating, max.:
315.0 kW
DC breakdown voltage:
11 kV
VSWR, max.:
1.13 (at selected frequency ranges)
Insertion loss coefficient /100m:
0.202 dB @ 10 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
0.70 dB @ 108 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
0.91 dB @ 174 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
1.65 dB @ 512 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
2.17 dB @ 824 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
2.28 dB @ 894 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
2.33 dB @ 925 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
2.38 dB @ 960 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
3.57 dB @ 1880 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
3.94 dB @ 2200 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
4.27 dB @ 2500 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
4.49 dB @ 2700 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
4.62 dB @ 2800 MHz (at 20 °C ambient temperature)
Screening attenuation:
>> 120 dB
Propagation velocity:
76 pF/m
0.19 µH/m
Insulation resistance:
> 5 x10³ MΩxkm
Inner conductor: 1.00 Ω/km
Outer conductor: 0.65 Ω/km

Mechanical characteristics

Cable type:
LF 1 5/8"-50-PE
Crush resistance:
2.1 kg/mm
Clamp spacing:
1400 mm
Single bending radius, min.:
300 mm
Repeated bending radius, min.:
510 mm
Tensile force, max.:
3630 N
Inner conductor material / surface coating:
Helically corrugated copper
Outer conductor material / coating:
Ring corrugated copper
Jacket material:
PE black
Dielectric material:
Physically foamed PE
RoHS compliance:
compliant to directive RoHS 2002/95/EC
CPR class:
Weight, approx.:
1.23 kg
Weight remark:
per meter
Outer jacket diameter, nom.:
49.50 mm (± 0.40 mm)

Environmental conditions

Installation temperature range:
-20 °C to +60 °C
Operating temperature:
-30 °C to +80 °C
Storage ambient temperature:
-30 °C to +80 °C

Further remarks

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Model – A73038 – iBwave VEX file – A73038-MS.vex


Product data sheet – A73038 – Y00006-DS.pdf