Ready for 5G - new mobile communication bands up to 3800 MHz

As new mobile applications debut, there is a steadily increasing need for greater bandwidth and faster transmission than ever. The Internet of Things (IoT) poses enormous requirements in terms of capacity, data rates and latency times. As a consequence more mobile communication frequencies are essential. The era of 5G is laying the foundation for this growth.  The first milestone is the new frequency range extending up to 3800 MHz.

3.8 GHz Multiband Combiner

Multiband Combiner

Multiband Combiners with low PIM for up to 3800 MHz

3.8 GHz Multiband Combining Units

Multiband Combining Systems

Broadband combining systems up to 3800 MHz

3.8 GHz Multiband Coupler

Multiband Coupler

Directional couplers with highly effective signal isolation up to 3800 MHz

In-building Antennas


In-building antennas with frequency range up to 3.8 GHz

3.8 GHz Splitter

Multiband Splitter

2-way to 4-way power splitters with frequency range up to 3.8 GHz

3.8 GHz Tapper

Multiband Tapper

SPINNER offers a broad portfolio of tappers up to 3.8 GHz

Low PIM more important than ever

At least, it is the theory that Low PIM has become more Important than ever. To successfully put it into practice, new products are also required: products that are able to use the new frequency range up to 3.8 GHz and ensure problem-free RF transmission.

The biggest challenge here is that, as the number of frequencies transmitted over a shared medium grows, so does the risk of passive intermodulation (PIM). Current mobile communication systems already send three or four bands together, and the already considerable risk of problems increases with each additional frequency. Even if the transmission chain includes a product that increases passive intermodulation by only 10 dB, this can reduce the capacity of the overall system by as much as 20%.

Low PIM for bands up to 3.8 GHz

SPINNER has pioneered the development of low PIM products. For over 20 years, SPINNER have been developing top-quality low PIM products for mobile communciations. SPINNER ensures ultra-low passive intermodulation with perfect designs, the right materials and our strong commitment to excellence in production. Our products help customers slash their costs (by reducing problems, repairs and maintenance) while permitting more efficient use of the overall mobile infrastructure.

Most of SPINNER products – including connectors, adaptors, jumper cables, loads and attenuators – can already be used without problem at frequencies up to 3800 MHz.

Multiband Combiners for up to 3800 MHz

Broadband combining systems up to 3800 MHz

Broadband couplers for up to 3800 MHz

Broadband splitters for up to 3800 MHz

Broadband Tappers for up to 3800 MHz