5G Broadcast

5G Broadcast: Plug & Play with compatible SPINNER filters and combiners

Benefit from our extensive experience in both broadcast and mobile communication when creating your 5G broadcast solution. For more than 50 years, we have been developing and implementing complex systems to connect transmitters and antennas in all frequency ranges and broadcast standards for radio frequency applications.

SPINNER 5G broadcast combiners easily replace obsolete DTV units. The key to a successful 5G broadcast installation is a viable plan that matches the existing equipment in your TV tower.

Broadcast stations equipped with SPINNER systems are particularly easy to upgrade to 5G Broadcast. As we are familiar with the technical data and mechanical dimensions of the installed equipment, we can quickly and easily create a concept. The new components are compatible with our filters and combiners for terrestrial TV standards.

  • Suitable for FeMBMS as defined in 3GPP Rel. 14 and following versions
  • Power: 10W to 20kW
  • Bandwidths: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15 and 20 MHz
  • 6 and 8 cavities
  • Air-, fan- or liquid cooled
  • Tunable within the UHF frequency range
  • Temperature compensated

Transmission of data via broadcast stations - Wider coverage at lower cost

With a high power high tower overlay network, 5G Broadcast reduces the load on the cellular network by shifting some of the data traffic to the broadcast infrastructure and frequencies. 5G Broadcast simultaneously provides greater bandwidth, spectrum availability and lower latency for better coverage.

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SPINNER Rigid Coaxial Line for 5G Broadcast

Rigid Coaxial Line

SPINNER delivers different types of rigid line systems called EIA system, SMS system and flaring technique system (BT).

SPINNER Connectors for 5G Broadcast


SPINNER rf connectors are best-in-class in terms of quality and performance. Our connectors are designed for the lowest possible reflection factors

SPINNER Direct Access Units for 5G Broadcast

Direct Access Units

Direct Access Units enable the quick and easy access to coaxial line sections for high-precision measurement and tests.

SPINNER Patch Panels for 5G Broadcast

Patch Panels

SPINNER patch panels are the most reliable of their kind available on the market. They include micro-strip contacts to guarantee a perfect connection even after repeated operations.

SPINNER Loads for 5G Broadcast


elect from an extensive portfolio of loads with excellent VSWR values or low-intermodulation (low PIM) versions

SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System


The Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) detects and pinpoints potential malfunction sources, like minimal arcing, compromised insulation or water ingress as early as possible.

SPINNER Filters for 5G Broadcast


SPINNER supplies appropriate filters with extremely low attenuation in the pass band, high attenuation of all other frequencies and steep flanks.

SPINNER combining units for 5G Broadcast

Combining units

Very low insertion loss, excellent signal isolation and superior intermodulation properties prevent mutual interference between adjacent systems.

SPINNER Switches for 5G Broadcast


SPINNER offers switches with an outstanding performance and different drive concepts - lifting magnet, impulse solenoid, motor drive.

SPINNER directional coupler for 5G Broadcast

Directional coupler

SPINNER directional couplers are characterized by highly effective signal isolation and extremely low intermodulation (low PIM).

SPINNER Adapter for 5G Broadcast


SPINNER rf adapter are best-in-class in terms of quality and performance. Our adapters are designed for the lowest possible reflection factors

FeMBMS: the Standard Behind 5G Broadcast

Release 14 of the 3GPP mobile broadband standard defined an LTE-based approach known as 5G Broadcast or FeMBMS (= further enhanced/evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service). It involves supplementing a cellular network with an overlaid high-power/high-tower (HPHT) network. Noteworthy is the fact that, for the first time, it lets 100% of transmission capacity be devoted to broadcasting services. FeMBMS is special because:

  • 100% downlink signal
  • Supports SFN networks

FeMBMS is being used in 5G Broadcast trials worldwide to shed light on the potential of broadcasting solutions based on the new 5G technology. For example, in 2018 and 2019 the 5G TODAY test field was successfully operated in Bavaria with two SFN stations incorporating SPINNER products. In the UK, the BBC installed a 5G network on a remote island to test live streaming. Other trials followed, e.g. at the Rock Rio Festival in Brazil and in Beijing, China.

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