Pre-Assembled MQ4/MQ5 Jumper Cables - Available at Short Notice, Assembled in Germany, Each Cable Tested

Coaxial cable with MQ4/MQ5 cluster connectors - connect four or five RF lines on highly integrated antennas (8T8R) in a single mating process.

  • Available at short notice.
  • Assembled in Germany.
  • Each cable is 100% individually tested and approved before delivery.

You can also obtain customised variants from us in a short delivery time.

The need for ever-faster transmission rates, lower latencies, and larger network capacities has been growing. This trend is boosting the demand for highly integrated antennas with large numbers of radiofrequency connections.

The RF port counts of base stations and antennas are steadily growing, resulting in greater densities and increasing the duration and complexity of installation work. Cluster connectors help reduce the number of insertions while preventing connectivity errors. Antenna size is one of the most critical factors since it limits the number of possible connections. 

You can also order customized versions from us with fast turnaround times.

Proven SPINNER quality, customized versions available 

SPINNER MQ4 and MQ5 cluster coaxial cable assemblies enable highly integrated antennas. Cluster connectors integrate multiple RF ports in a single unit. When an MQ4 or MQ5 cluster jumper is used instead of individual cables, up to five RF lines can be connected at once. This significantly speeds installation while minimizing the risk of wrong connections. SPINNER MQ4 and MQ5 jumpers feature the outstanding mechanical and electrical properties that our products are famous for. Each cable is 100% individually tested and approved before delivery.

Jumper cable assemblies for optimal connectivity

SpinnerFlex® coaxial cable assemblies are ideal for cost-effectively connecting mobile communication base stations and antennas. The top-quality design, materials, and production of our coax cable assemblies ensure optimal connectivity, easy installation, and fault-free functioning, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.