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Reduce downtime and costs with SPINNER Precision Ruggedized Test Port Adapters

If the male thread of the measuring port is damaged, the measuring cable can no longer be connected reproducibly. There is a risk of expensive downtime with repair costs, downtime of the measuring device, possible loan fees and transport costs for a replacement device.

With the new ruggedized test port adapters, so-called port replicators, or also called port saver, you effectively preserve or protect the measuring port on your measuring device from accidental damage and wear. By repeatedly disconnecting the measuring connection at the port saver, the service life can be considerably extended, at least on the measuring device side.

  • Increase in the expected mating cycles of the unit.
  • Extending the maintenance intervals.
  • Reduction of OPEX by avoiding downtime and repairs.
  • Can be used on all network analysers.
  • Works for all common standard coaxial connectors and the respective ruggedized versions - reduced adapter fleet in the lab.
  • The outer conductor is not accidentally rotated - rotational stability is guaranteed
  • No more metallic abrasion of outer conductor or coupling nut that can grind into the contact surfaces - the test port remains as new/unused
  • Lower thermal conductivity of the test port adapter due to ceramic ball bearings - reduced temperature drift from the measuring instrument to the test object
  • Excellent phase and amplitude stability - continuously reliable and reproducible measurement results
  • Rugged design reduces external forces - Perfect protection of the sensitive measuring port
  • Ruggedized test port adapter from 50 Ohm to 75 Ohm available - simplified test setup on broadcast transmitters

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(Ruggedized) RUG-3.5 Adapters

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(Ruggedized) RUG-3.5 Adapters 50-75 Ohm

What is a ruggedized connector?

A ruggedized connector uses an extra large threaded body. This is used to stabilise a measurement or test cable when connecting it to the measuring port of an HF measuring device. Inside is the sensitive coaxial connector to be protected for the transmission of the radiofrequency signals. This design reduces unwanted axial and radial forces on the measuring port to a minimum.

These connectors also allow direct connection of a corresponding precision coaxial connector with its standard coupling thread.

Another commercially available, obsolete designation is NMD connector. NMD stands for Network Measurement Division. SPINNER replaces the previous designations "NMD" and "ruggedized" with the abbreviation "RUG-" as prefix to the coaxial connector designations.

Less friction - higher precision - easier connection to your VNA than ever before

An additional ball bearing in the coupling nut prevents direct friction on the outer conductor. This eliminates metallic abrasion between the coupling nut and the outer conductor and eliminates unwanted twisting of the outer conductor when the coupling nut is tightened in certain pairings. The rotational stability of the coaxial connection remains guaranteed at all times. Possible dust or other micro-deposits on one of the mating sides can no longer permanently loop into the opposite connection.