SPINNER Products with NEX10® interfaces

After the successful introduction of 4.3-10 interface the next evolution of an even smaller connector system is showing up on the mobile communication market.

Leading-edge antennas and remote radio units for 5G and small cell applications are steadily shrinking, therefore it does make sense to create ever smaller connectors for these mobile communication networks. Developed and designed to excellently meet the mechanical and electrical demands of 5G, small cell, low-power base station and in-building applications, the new NEX10® equipment is conquering the market right now.

With a flange size of only 12.7 x 17.4 mm the footprint is very competitive and helps engineers to miniaturize their systems. The robust design features the following highlights: -166 dBc PIM (independent of torque), operating frequency up to 20 GHz, screw & push-pull coupling mechanism and outdoor use (IP68).

SPINNER as an official NEX10® licensee, now releases a portfolio including adapters, connectors, jumpers, OSLT (Open, Short, Load, Through) calibration kit, precision measurement adapters, and 4.3-10/NEX10® adapters. Additional product groups will also be successively developed and offered.

NEX10 connectors and adapters

NEX10 cable assemblies

NEX10 test & measurement products

NEX10 tools and accessories