Low PIM Test Load - the all-rounder for distributed antenna networks (DAS) for In-Building Systems

Portable Low PIM Test Load - the all-rounder for mobile communication and professional mobile radio

The portable 40 W precision load 380-3800 MHz is intended for universal use both in distributed antenna systems (DAS) in buildings and outdoor base stations as well and combines both excellent electrical and outstanding mechanical properties:

  • As both plug and socket are implemented, the appropriate connection is always available and a more reliable and precise measurement is possible,
  • particularly robust and durable connectors allow high mating cycles,
  • protective caps with fastening chains cannot get lost,
  • cylindrical shape with protection against rolling away,
  • easy-grip, well-balanced handling,
  • low weight of less than one kilogram and
  • compact dimensions so that it still fits in the measuring bag.

The load has a female 4.3-10 connector at one end and a male 4.3-10 connector at the other. The effective power is 2 x 20 watts and allows measurement near a transmitter as well. Passive intermodulation (IM3) is specified down to -165 dBc and enables accurate and reliable measurement. The frequency range is from 380 to 3800 MHz. This means that the load can be used as single load for classic mobile communication frequency ranges, the new 5G frequency bands and for professional mobile radio (PMR/TETRA) alike.

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