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Flexible dielectric waveguide set R 900 75-110 GHz 1x600 mm EasySnake


RF characteristics

Number of interfaces:
Interface type:
R 900 per IEC 60153-2
Interface type remark:
WR 10 per EIA-261, WM-2540 per IEEE Std 1785.1
Interface direction:
Waveguide interface:
precision flange with anti-cocking rim;
compatible with M3922/67-010 (UG-387/U-mod) and IEEE 1785-2a type flanges
Frequency range:
75 to 110 GHz (W band)
Frequency band:
Band W
Average power rating:
1 W
Return loss min.:
16 dB
Return loss:
20 dB
Insertion loss max.:
2.8 dB
Insertion loss typ.:
2.4 dB
Insertion loss stability typ.:
0.8 dB @ 75 to 80 GHz (at any flexure)
0.4 dB @ 80 to 85 GHz (at any flexure)
0.2 dB @ 85 to 110 GHz (at any flexure)
Phase stability at any flexure, typ.:
10 ° (tbc)

Mechanical characteristics

Repeated bending radius, min.:
75 mm (±100 °)
100,000 flex cycles
Tensile force, max.:
20 N
Number of tubular segments:
Qty. of waveguides:
Waveguide material / surface coating:
copper-alloy / gold-plated
Jacket material:
black polymer
Degree of protection:
IP 50
Degree of protection remark:
if properly installed
Weight, approx.:
350.0 g
laser engraving on waveguide transitions
600.0 mm
Dimensions remark:
Length = Waveguide length, nominal

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature:
0 to +30 °C
Relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)
Storage ambient temperature:
-55 to +70 °C
Storage relative humidity, max.:
95% (condensation not allowed)

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
dielectric waveguide assembly, storage case (A75537), product documentation, ball end hexagon screwdriver 5/64’’ (A75573), socket-head cap screws 4-40 UNC (A61786), protective caps (A62935)

Further remarks

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Product data sheet – 533660C0119 – 533660-DS.pdf