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Torque wrench 22 mm 5 N·m for 4.3-10


Torque wrench for optimum strength and HF connection

SPINNER‘s torque wrenches guarantee optimum mechanical capability and ensure high-frequency performance.

The use of the SPINNER Torque wrench 22 mm 5 N·m for 4.3-10 guarantees optimum mechanical strength of your connector and at the same time ensures excellent RF performance. While assembling a connector to a cable, the back nut has to be tightened to the connector body. The best possible result can be achieved by using a torque wrench. For precise measurement results, the connectors must be coupled according to specific standards. Torque wrenches are used in a wide range of industries such as mobile communications, broadcast, measurement technology, satellite communications, radar technology, research and many industrial applications.

In addition, the torque wrench prevents overturning of the connector adapters for 4.3-10. This allows you to extend the maximum lifespan of your product at optimum performance. With the SPINNER Torque wrench 22 mm 5 N·m for 4.3-10, the wrench size is 22 mm. The preset Torque of the torque wrench is 5 N·m.

Our torque wrench is made of the following material(s): steel. The corresponding surface is: zinc-plated and anodized. The use of SPINNER torque wrenches thus considerably reduces assembly costs and ensures consistent assembly quality. The scope of delivery includes: handling instructions

A click-type torque wrench has a mechanism that produces a noticeable click sound and a slight release in the handle when the preset torque is reached. This sound and release signal to the user that the desired torque has been achieved. The mechanism often involves a spring-loaded ratchet that snaps over a point to produce the click. 

Click-type torque wrenches are typically very accurate and allow precise control of the torque.They need regular calibration to maintain their accuracy.

Due to their precise control and clear feedback, they are commonly used in the RF industry and other fields where precise tightening of fasteners is important.

Mechanical characteristics

Wrench size:
22.0 mm
Suitable for interface:
5 N·m
Surface Coating:
zinc-plated and anodized
RoHS compliance:
compliant to directive RoHS 2002/95/EC
Weight, approx.:
234.0 g
Torque control:

Scope of delivery & accessories

Delivery scope:
handling instructions

Further remarks

Customs tariff number:



Product data sheet – 238739 – 238739-DS.pdf


Handling instructions – 238739 – M36146.pdf