Measurement od millimeter wave sensorsfor self driving vehicles

Measurement of millimeter wave sensors for self driving vehicles

The SPINNER 1.35 mm E Connector is the best high-precision connector for E-band applications, a robust precision interface for DC to 90 GHz.

Today no development, production, testing or quality assurance department that deals with RF signals on coaxial lines can afford to dispense with up-to-date measurement equipment. The same statement applies to calibration kits and mechanical accessories such as gauges for checking mating face dimensions or torque wrenches for tightening coupling nuts.

SPINNER has established new, extremely high standards of precision which also apply for the expanding market for millimeter wave sensors for self-driving vehicles where is demand for proper RF connections in testing environments.

Especially in E-band applications, reliable coaxial interface connections are crucial for achieving good RF performance. Unwanted unlocking of the 1.00 mm coaxial thread performing time-consuming calibrations is a common frustration in RF laboratories. This spawned the idea of a 1.35 mm connector the “E Connector” with a precise metric thread like the 1.85 mm connector plus an integrated time-saving push-pull capability.

The 1.35 mm E Connector is optimized for frequently used bands, allows „thru-male“ design with multiple cables and prevents unintended opening of thread and coupling torque.

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Precision short DC-90 GHz 1.35 mm male product photo

Design Goals

  • Frequency range DC to 90 GHz (92 GHz), E-band
  • Highly robust
    • Minimum service life of 3000 cycles
    • Locked by a threaded coupling nut that adequately prevents unintended opening
  • „Thru-male“ capability, i.e. pin diameter must coincide with the inner conductor of the standard 0.047-inch semi-rigid cable (MIL-DTL-17-151; largest cable covering the E-band; H11-cutoff at 109 GHz)
  • Push-pull coupling as an option
  • Precision interface with
    • Accurate alignment with outer conductor
    • Well-defined reference plane
    • Maximized return loss
    • High connector repeatability (min. 45 dB)
    • Suitable for precision S-parameter testing
    • Similar design to 1.85 mm connector

Special Design Features

  • Only precision connector that ensures a pin gap in mated condition - Prevents near field effects from impairing connector repeatability
  • Only precision connector that applies a common reference to all eccentricity tolerances - Prevents tolerance chains
  • Only precision connector for higher frequencies with a provision for push-pull locking - Enables time and cost savings
  • Pin diameter equals center conductor of 0.047-inch semi-rigid cable and other standard cables - Enables high-quality low-budget jumper cables with captive connector

SPINNER millimeter wave testing components give our customers unprecedented flexibility in creating millimeter wave testing environments. SPINNER solutions are mechanically extremely flexible and uncompromisingly good in technical terms.